Robust control

Keywords: Linear matrix inequality, Parameter uncertainty.

There is no way to model the true system precisely. Therefore, the actual plant has to be represented using a set of plants and control the plant set instead. The plant set is determined as follows: Find a base model called nominal plant that characterizes important properties of the actual system. Then, estimate the range of discrepancy between the actual system and the nominal plant model and characterize the set in terms of these two elements. If the required stability and performance are guaranteed for the plant set, then for the actual system the required stability and performance are guaranteed. Issues to be addressed: Description of plant set, modeling of uncertainty, stability condition for the plant set, and performance condition for the plant set

System integration for renewable energy power systems

Advanced control applications for power electronics

In recent years, power electronics technology has been required to be highly accurate in a wide variety of fields including electric vehicles, industrial robots, and aircraft. In our laboratory, we apply advanced control technology such as prediction, estimation, and adaptation to power electronics technology including motor drive for higher performance.

Networked control systems

Keywords: Model predictive control, Optimal control and Quantization feedback control.

Due to the development of communication technology in recent years, attention has been focused on a networked control system (NCS) which is a feedback control system via communication.
NCS enables remote control of spatially distant controlled objects, which has many advantages such as reduction of wiring cost, simplification of equipment, and improvement of monitorability.
We study methods to solve the issues such as data-delay, packet-loss, capacity limit in NCSs using predictive control and robust control method,  and clarify the effectiveness by simulations and experiments.

Research for building next-generation power networks

With the aim of building a sustainable society, we are engaged in the following research to contribute to the expansion of the introduction of renewable energy power generation.

Movies of experimental results on networked control systems